Red Raspberry Leaf: What Every Woman Should Know

I first learned about the benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf whilst pregnant. I initially started using it in hopes for a shorter, less painful labor and delivery. However, the more I researched about the herb, the more I realized just how powerful it was for women’s health. I wondered, where has this herb been all my life? I have had so much success with this herb, there are no plans in sight for me to stop using it any time soon. Scroll down as I share some of the many benefits and my success with Red Raspberry Leaves.

So, what are the benefits of Red Raspberry Leaves?

Uterine Health: Helps to tone the uterus and regulate the reproductive system. This also is considered great for conception to help embryos “stick” better.
Painful Periods: Works as an anti-inflammatory to reduce and alleviate the pain from cramps.
Pregnancy: Use during 2nd Trimester (in moderation) and 3rd Trimester, will help tone the Uterus. As a result, during labor the contractions work more effectively to assist the baby down the birth canal. Also, if used in larger amounts, it could help to start labor. This is why it’s important for your health professional to know of any supplements you are taking.
Labor and Delivery: If you’ve been using it for awhile prior to labor, drinking a large hot cup of it at the start of labor is believed to help shorten labor time.
Post-Partum: It helps the Uterus to effectively contract and shrink down to size.
Breastfeeding: This will help to increase milk supply. I personally saw best results by using the capsules in a smoothie.
How to use Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
Due to the effectiveness of the herb, if you use it while pregnant it is recommended to start in moderation with 1 cup a day, and gradually increasing to 3 cups a day by the end of the third trimester.

I didn’t learn about the herb until my 3rd Trimester and started with 1 cup a day and gradually increased my intake to 3 cups a day. It works best if it has brewed for at least 10 minutes. To make this easier, I would brew a large batch in a large pot and let it sit for 30 minutes. I wanted it as concentrated as possible. Then I would drain the liquid into a pitcher and store in the refrigerator. This way, I could have it cold or hot whenever I wanted minus the wait. I added this to my daily water intake.

I also believe Red Raspberry Leaves helped alleviate any pain I might have had from post labor contractions, while the uterus shrinks down to size. From what I hear it can be very painful and similar to contractions during labor.

However, I never had that pain and I contribute it to the Red Raspberry Leaf tea. I had a few tea bags packed in my hospital bag as well as Mother’s Milk Tea by Traditional Medicinal’s. I drank both throughout my hospital stay.

I’m not into drinking tea. How else can I take it?

If you’re not into tea drinking or want a quicker more concentrated amount you can choose to take it as a tincture or in capsules. I switched to the capsules when I got home from the hospital and took it as the bottle advised.

Red Raspberry Leaves Capsules

Whenever my milk supply would start to drop, I would add the capsules to my regimen. Sometimes, I would open the capsules and add the contents to my breakfast smoothie. I would notice a boost in supply (engorgement) within a few hours. This is possibly because it was easily digested and could enter my system faster.

When I was younger and even as an adult I would have very painful menstrual cycles. I had the whole ordeal of unbearable cramps, vomiting, tears and prayers. I easily could finish a bottle of pain relievers within a week. Now, I rarely need the pain relief. And that’s with me only taking the Raspberry Leaf capsules at the start of my cycle. I strongly believe that’s the power of Red Raspberry Leaves.

Where can I find it?

You can purchase the tea from most big box stores, or directly from the Traditional Medicinal’s website. It’s also available on Amazon. There are also other brands that you can find online or at your local health food store. The capsules pictured above, were purchased from Vitamin Shoppe. It’s available in their store and on their website. You can also search Amazon for it and other brands as well. Just make sure the listed ingredient is Raspberry Leaf not the fruit. The goods are in the leaves!

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