Cold and Cough Relief for Babies and Toddlers

Jess was 6 months old when she came down with her first real cold. She was so uncomfortable, congested, lethargic…she barely wanted to nurse or take a bottle. That’s when we really knew something was up because this kid loves to eat. With her being so young there weren’t many mainstream options. A lot of them he had to be at least 2 years old to use. And let’s be honest, did we really want all those unfamiliar ingredients in her system? No.

Also, I know the power of Essential Oils, but we didn’t have any concoctions, and just wanted to find something quick on the shelf at the local drug store. We wanted a product that was natural or homeopathic and SAFE. Being in daycare she is susceptible to many cold germs, however, we’re able to combat them with the products below. We’re going to build her immune system one way or the other, lol. Check out the list below, for details and reviews of our favorite all natural and homeopathic products for babies as young as 2 months old.

As with any medication, please consult your Pediatrician prior to use and with any concerns. This is not a sponsored post for any of the companies mentioned below. We purchased the products on our own and these are my honest reviews.

– Vitamins & Supplements –

Zarbee’s Naturals: Baby Multivitamin with Iron Supplement

Safe for infants 2 months and up. Its’ base is made of Agave Syrup, and includes 9 essential vitamins and Iron. The vitamins also include 100% of the daily value for Vitamin A, C and D. It has a natural grape flavor that is yummy enough for your baby’s taste-buds. These vitamins are easy to find in your local drug stores and big box stores like Target and Walmart.

I like that it tastes good, and doesn’t have an overwhelming vitamin taste to it. You can give it to your child using an oral syringe or medicine dropper, or you can mix it into a drink. Now that we have a toddler and are no longer nursing, it makes me feel good to know she’s getting her daily dose of vitamins. We don’t have to fight so much about what she’s eating, knowing that she’s had her vitamins for the day.

Zarbee’s Naturals: Baby Immune Support and Vitamins

This is safe for infants 2 months and up. The main ingredients are Vitamins A, C, D, E, and Zinc. Plus the dose of vitamin C has 200% of the suggested daily amount. It’s made with a base of Agave Syrup and has a natural Orange flavor. This is not a supplement for everyday use. We use it when we first see the signs of a cold coming, and during her cold. The first time she used it, I felt like her cold cleared up quicker than usual. She also wasn’t as sluggish as she sometimes is with colds’. Jess loves the flavor of this one.

– Cough and Cold –

Hyland’s Baby Tiny Cold Tablets

These tiny quick dissolving tablets are miracle workers! Whenever Samson is having a sneeze attack and his nose is running uncontrollably, these tablets are a fast relief to clear him right up. It’s safe for ages 6 months and up. The active ingredients are found in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). These tiny cold tablets resolve headaches, cough, sneezing, sneezing with stuffy nose, plus runny eyes and nose. There are 125 tablets per bottle, so this will last you a loooong time! I think these are Jess’s favorites, because they might remind her of eating candy. They start to dissolve instantly with contact of moisture.

Hyland’s: Baby Mucus & Cold Relief

Another great product from Hyland’s. This is pretty much the liquid form of the cold tablets, however it narrows in to clear more specific types of mucus. I can give this to Samson in the morning before dropping him off to daycare, and know that for a few hours he’s clear. This is recommended for babies age 6 months and up. The active ingredients are also found in HPUS. We especially love the Nighttime version, because it definitely helps Jess to sleep better, by minimizing the congestion for easier and more comfortable breathing.

Zarbee’s Naturals: Baby Cough Syrup & Mucus

This syrup is safe for infants 2 months and above. This is a great alternative to homeopathic ingredients. This cough syrup is made with organic Agave syrup and Ivy Leaf extract to help calm throat irritation to soothe coughing. It also helps to make coughs more effective, by breaking up the mucus. Since there is concern for babies having honey under the age of 12 months, the Agave syrup makes a great alternative with similar effects. This is thick, but I feel like it does a great job at coating the throat and the part in the chest where there’s irritants. The results of this cough syrup also lasts for a few hours, so you don’t have to administer often.

– Chest Rub –

Maty’s All Natural Baby Chest Rub

This all natural chest rub, relieves cough, congestion and promotes a calming effect for your baby to sleep well through the night. The rub is safe for ages 3 months and up. Made of a base of Coconut Oil the added Essential oils are diluted to a safe level for your baby’s skin. When Jess has congestion and a lingering cough, at night we slather this one on! On her chest, back and soles of his feet (covered with socks). His natural body heat warms it up and the aroma helps clear him up through the evening. We love this so much, we’ve gone through 2 jars… and are ready to buy our 3rd. A little goes a long way, so it lasts a long time.

What are your favorites?

Did any of these products make it on your list of favorites? Or do you have another favorite all natural/ homeopathic product for babies and children? Please share in the comments below. I’d love to hear what your favorites are!

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