Now hiring: A slave…um…oops, I mean me?

It is raining kitties and puppies here in Minnesota and I can tell I am a mom, or maybe a homeowner; my concern all night was the basement and if it was flooding and if the window well was scooped out from the winter. Yep, those are the super neat thoughts that run through my head in the night. Not the excitement of rain, the beautiful lulling sound of the pitter-patter of rain drops but, if my silly ole basement is going to flood or not. Oh the joy of getting old and responsible. Yipee.

I am not the responsible one! Actually, in our family unfortunately I AM the responsible one but, I naturally am NOT responsible. I don’t want to be responsible! I want someone to take care of ME and remember all the parties, dates, birthdays, lunches, forms to fill out, etc. You should see my desk…oh..I might have to put a picture up for you all, it is ALWAYS piled with papers. It truly does amaze me how many papers I get from having 3 children in school. Especially since one of the schools has gone paperless, I still get a lot of papers home daily from all 3!

I need to remember our milkman comes every Wednesday morning and I need to have our order out by 730am, I need to remember who has hot lunch on what days, to get hot lunch orders in by a certain day or they won’t have ANY hot lunches for a month, who has what field trip, when do the children need to wear their tennis shoes, what day is library day for which child, where ARE the library books? Oh the list goes on and on and on. I know every mother/parent deals with this and frankly, I am pretty good about most of it, that isn’t really the issue. The issue is, I don’t WANT to be good at it! I don’t want to be responsible. Can a stay at home mom have a personal assistant?

Yep, that is it! I would like a personal assistant! Yep, I think I would take a personal assistant over a house cleaner, oh who am I kidding, a MAID, or a personal trainer coming to my house daily, a stylist, a hairdresser, um….Oh, did I just drift off into Liza’s La La Land? 🙂 Seriously though, a personal assistant, doesn’t that sound dreamy?! Someone to do the bills, drop off and pick up the dry cleaning(which right now we only do once or twice a year because apparently having a dry cleaners at the end of my block is just TOO inconvenient for me to stop by), make the shopping lists(actually going through the pantry and seeing what we are out of or looking into all the boxes and making sure they aren’t just empty ones the children left behind!), maybe even walking the dog daily….oh the joy of it all! Then, my personal assistant would fill out my family calendar not just on our paper calendar but, in my Outlook, and on our dry erase board, and then upload the whole thing onto my hubby’s Blackberry too! (which only the paper calendar happens right now) Then she, because hubby wouldn’t allow a boy one, would fill out all the Girl Scout forms, the sports forms, dance forms, etc….she would make sure our schedules or sports don’t ever overlap and if they did overlap ever she would pick up one the children and drive them to their activity to relieve some of the pressure on us parents. Oh……are you seeing the vision people?!

OK, so that is NEVER…well, never say never but, we would have to be uber rich for any of that to ever happen, like moviestar rich and while it might happen, not really waiting for it. So, I guess it is nice to dream once in a while. Now, back to reality, back to being responsible, back to….OH NO…crud, yearbook forms due today and I don’t have a yearbook form to turn in! Guess I am heading off to my daughter’s school today to run into the office and fill one out and drop off the money. Yep, my personal assistant would normally take care of that for me but, she has today off!

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