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Shipping & Delivery
All orders within USA and to international locations (excluding Canada) is shipped using USPS. Within Canada orders are shipped using Canada Post.
Delivery times:
USA: 2 - 3 business days
International: 6 - 10 business days
Canada: 2 - 9 business days
Please visit the Canada Post and USPS websites for more information on delivery times.
Shipping cost:
  Order Amount  Shipping Cost  Delivery Method 
USA     0.01 - 10.00 2.95 USPS Standard Mail 
12.95 USPS Registered Mail 
10.01 - 75.00   $4.95  USPS Standard Mail 
$14.95 USPS Registered Mail 
> 75.00    Free  USPS Standard Mail
$10.95  USPS Registered Mail 
Canada      0.01 - 10.00  $3.95 Canada Post Standard Mail
$12.25 Canada Post Registered Mail
10.01 - 50.00 $5.99 Canada Post Standard Mail
$14.25 Canada Post Registered Mail
50.01 - 75.00  $7.99  Canada Post Standard Mail
$16.25 Canada Post Registered Mail
> 75.00   Free  Canada Post Standard Mail
$8.25 Canada Post Registered Mail
International            0.01 - 50.00  $13.50 USPS Standard Mail 
$25.25 USPS Registered Mail 
50.01 - 150.00   $17.99 USPS Standard Mail 
$29.75  USPS Registered Mail 
150.01 - 200.00   $29.99  USPS Standard Mail  
$41.75 USPS Registered Mail 
200.01 - 250.00   $39.99  USPS Standard Mail 
$51.75 USPS Registered Mail 
250.01 - 350.00   $49.99 USPS Standard Mail 
$61.75 USPS Registered Mail 
> 350.00   Free USPS Standard Mail 
$11.75 USPS Registered Mail 
We advise international customers to make use of the Registered Mail option. We are not responsible for any losses or damages once the parcels has been handed over to the mail carrier.
Where is my free gift?
Your free gift will automatically be added to your shopping cart when you place your first order. Alternatively, navigate to the Stamp Set that is gift of the month - if you have an account, it will be free. Our office ladies are working hard to make sure that everyone that registered for an account has received a free digital stamp set. If, however, you have not received one, please email us at
I do not have a PayPal Account, how do I pay?
When you are ready to pay for your order, you can proceed to Checkout. You will be redirected to the PayPal payment page where you have a choice of using your Paypal account, or to pay with Debit/Credit Card. The following image shows where you need to click if you do not have a PayPal account:
If you have any issues, please email us at
When will I get my Digital Products?
A confirmation email will be sent a few minutes after your payment is confirmed. Please look for this email from 'Crafty Vintage girl Sales'. If its not in you in-box, please check your junk/deleted folders for it. Dont wait more than a day before you Contact us if you cant find your digital product.
This email will contain a link to your download (if you ordered as a guest of or it will direct you to your account on CVG (if you created one) 

How do I download my digital Products?
first.... logging on to your account on If you are logged on, the site will say 'welcome, yourname' in the upper right corner. , if not, in the same upper right corner, is 'my account' click that and login with your email and the password you created your account with.

Then on the left there is a list of details you can see on 'My Account' ...the very last choice in that box is 'my downloadable products' click that one and you will see in the main part of the screen, a list of all the items you have purchased. under Title, you will see the name of each product with a blue link at the end of each name.

To download your products from CVG -

click this blue link. (note that you can download it again, a total of 3 times for each product) incase your computer crashes and you lose your saved copy on your computer (a computer crash or something). Everything ordered from here is in a 'zip' format. Because each product you buy, inlcudes the actual images one, two, or hundreds of individual files plus photos of some samples, sometimes instructions, etc. The angel box took me 12 seconds to download, the Retro Christmas papers took 25 min.  unzip your product on your own computer and start working with it.

What are Zip files ?

Each of our digital products can be one or more 'zipped' files. This is done to compress the data smaller to make it manageable to get from one computer (ours) to yours. The high quality and large size and large number of images you get in a product can make for a very large zip file to download to your computer. This way you can do lots with the images you get, make them big enough to print onto fabric for a pillow, or wall art, or small enough to make cards, scrapbook pages, anything you want. 

If you dont have one already, You need a program to 'unzip' zip files for you. Winzip is a good free one available on the internet. i just typed 'winzip' into google or go directly to and download the free trial version. once this is installed, any product that ends in dot-zip (.zip) will automatically open on your computer like a file that ends in .doc uses Word to open it by default etc.

Returns & Replacements
Should you not be happy with your order, please contact us about possible solutions to the problem.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
We accept payment through Paypal. You do not need an account with Paypal but can pay using your credit card through their website. On finalising your order you will be redirected to their secure website where you can follow the onscreen steps to finalise payment.
Viewing Orders
Please log in to your account to view all orders placed. Contact us if you have any problems or need assistance.
Updating Account Information
Please log in to your account to view all orders placed. Contact us if you have any problems or need assistance..

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