Job Titles?

Welcome to the new website! Can you believe it is finally here? I am still in shock that I actually did this all by my big girl self! By they way, I know it isn’t glamorous but it is all mine!

I was talking to a close friend of mine the other day and she told me after having a conversation with a recent college graduate, she realized she needed a better job title. See, this college graduate was working in Retail as a merchandiser, meaning she folds clothes and dresses the mannequins, she is also a buyer, meaning she helps people purchase their outfits and pick out things, and she is also an event planner sometimes too. Now, when I was in retail, I just was in retail. I didn’t have a fancy title but, apparently that is the way it is now!
So my girlfriend said she is going to add the title of merchandiser to her many titles as she folds the laundry and puts it all away for everyone and organizes the dresser drawers. Then she also likes the title of buyer because she is the purchaser of groceries, clothing, and dog food. She is also an event planner because she plans the birthday parties, the date nights, and the holiday get togethers. Yes, if you haven’t guessed it already my friend is a stay at home mom!

Us moms whether you stay at home or work are under appreciated often and definitely mis-titled! For ease of writing, I am going to talk about just us stay at home moms because I can’t relate to working moms because I have been ‘retired’ for 7 years now and before that I only worked part time so, truly I have been out of the ‘full time’ work force for almost 10 years! So, can’t relate to what working moms go through, only can try to imagine.

So back to the title, I want a title! Titles seem to be really important in our society so, I want a title however, does that mean I get the pay that goes with that title then too? Because I truly feel under paid sometimes too. No honey, you are doing a great job and are doing a great job supporting our family..I am talking about the children! I think instead of me paying them to do things like the dishes, laundry, cleaning their rooms, etc they should pay me! Yes, they should pay me to help with their homework (tutor), clean their rooms (house-cleaner), do their laundry (washer extraordinaire), feed them (chef/baker), drive to school and activities (chauffeur), bandage boo boos (doctor/nurse), animal walker/picker upper (dog walker?) and the list could go on and on! Oh the job I want the most pay for; lost and found coordinator and President of the “Do you know where my (insert lost item here) is?” club!

You know, there are many times I worry about what I would do if I ever needed to go back to work because I truly have no experience doing anything in the job world however, I think I should look at it a whole new way. I am gaining valuable life experience and I am doing a lot more jobs than many workers out there in the world. I am the President, COO, CFO and Secretary of my own business not just my home and family but, now my own website too. OH, and add that title to the list, I am now a website developer and designer too.

So, if I ever need to go back to work which will probably be in about 9 years when my son goes off to college and our household bills go up by $50,000 or more each year until the last one (who isn’t quite 2 yet) finishes college and probably for a few years afterwards just to pay leftover bills, I have GREAT job experience to put on my resume. I have decided I am also using my titles for they surely will help me get the high paying executive job I am so trained for. Heck, with all my titles and experiences I will probably be able to run a Fortune 500 company! Yep, it could happen, actually I really need it to happen because I will need that level of salary to pay for 4 children to go to college.

So, the next time you are at home, wallowing in your umpteenth load of laundry, picking up those toys for the thousandth time, creating your next masterpiece in the microwave, or bandaging a skinned knee lift your head high and remember you are the leader of the household and no one else is as good as you are at your job and your net value is so much higher than anyone could ever put a price on. You deserve to make a million dollars a year but, you are choosing to work for a non-profit instead and the rewards are greater than any large paycheck could ever be.

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