Boudoir Photography Fun in Orlando


Oh goodness! I did something I never thought I would do! I did a boudoir photoshoot for my husband’s birthday. He was so excited when he opened that box and started looking through his photo album.

It was a great experience. I opted to use Sin Boudoir. The photographer, Michael Jones, has a lot of experience and really made it easy. He came highly recommended by several of my readers and friends. I was skeptical about hiring a man for this job, but I’m glad I did. Michael is something of a celebrity in the boudoir world, the more I researched him the more I knew I had the right person for the job. I received several emails from you ladies giving him the highest praise.

I opted for a beach boudoir session. We chose Blind Creek Beach because it’s a well-known nude beach, and I wanted several fully nude shots. I got my makeup done at a local place and met Michael at Blind Creek Beach shortly before sunset. We found a nice spot with nobody around and did the pics in about 90 minutes.

I got an email with the photos a week after my session. Then my husband’s photo album a few weeks after that. I had it in plenty of time to plan his birthday party. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he opened that first page! I’ve caught him looking at it several times over the last two weeks.

I highly recommend Sin Boudoir if you are looking for smoking hot boudoir photos. His style isn’t like the normal boudoir you will see by most photographers. He has a unique style that I can only describe as “girly magazine” style, like what you’d see in Playboy or something like that. And the price was very competitive, less than half of what I was quoted by other photographers. Trust me, if you want boudoir done the right way, contact him. You won’t regret it! He’ll even come to you no matter where you live in south Florida!


Update 7/4/2024: Updating this to add a pic.

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  1. I want to do a boudoir shoot but I’m so nervous! I’ve gained a lot of weight since my kids were born. To the gym I go!

  2. Super fun story! I did boudoir like 5 years ago. My husband loves his photos. I used Michael Sasser out in Los Angeles. I think men take better boudoir photos. They know what men like obviously!

  3. Wow, your pics look beautiful! You are so brave for sharing. You have me wanting to do a boudoir shoot now!

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