All I Want for Christmas…

I love Mariah Carey’s version of “All I Want for Christmas”. I don’t think I could ever tire of it. Freshman year of College we played her Christmas album non-stop while decorating our dorm hall. Since then, I’ve always felt like the Christmas season hasn’t really begun until I’ve heard at least one of the songs on that album. This year that song and the message behind it means a little more for me.

I don’t care about the presents, I don’t need to hang any stockings, and Santa Claus sure ain’t gonna make me happy, lol

We’ve been in the “fun” process of selling our townhouse so we could “move on up” to a single-family home. Our next step in life – dream home. After over a year of searching, readjusting budgets, and saving a bit, we found that place. Well, we found it 3 times, but 3rd time’s the charm. For the past 2-3 months we’ve been riding a roller coaster of emotions. We thought we’d be moved into our new home by Thanksgiving, but the sale of our townhouse just keeps getting delayed.

I got to the point of not caring when we moved, just as long as I could wake up on Christmas morning in our new home. I’d be happy even if there were boxes piled everywhere. As long as Samson’s crib was set up, we could be on the floor on our mattress and I’d still be happy. Just because when my eyes opened, I’d be waking up to the sites of my new home.

Wellll here we are literally a couple of days before Christmas. On Christmas morning, Samson’s crib will be set up, there will be boxes piled all over and God willing, I’ll be opening my eyes up, waking up to the sites of our… townhouse. Nope, no new home yet. There are STILL more delays beyond our control. To be honest none of this has been in our control; as much as I’d like to think it has been.

Family and friends have been encouraging. I’m so thankful for our realtor Eddie Crockett (shameless plug), because he’s been such a great friend, confidante and motivator to us through all of this. We appreciate your enthusiasm, brother!

Yet my biggest encouragement, has been the adorable smiling face of my little boy and the strength and heart of my husband. One day it just clicked! I don’t want to be on this roller coaster of emotions anymore. Happy, frustrated, hopeful, sad, anxious, defeated, numb… After all, I’m on a mission to defeat anxiety and stress in my life. Check out my last post.

Having Christmas in a new home, Pinterest perfect, doesn’t define our home. The house decked out with holiday decor and multiple gifts under a tree, doesn’t determine for our home that it’s Christmas.

None of that matters. What does matter is that I’ll have two great loves of my life under the same roof. We’ll be able to spend our Christmas morning together. We have family to be with that afternoon. We will eat and fellowship and be merry! We will be surrounded that day with love, laughter, and joy!

Yet, even with all of those wonderful experiences, the one thing that tops it all? It’s knowing that someone much bigger than us, has indescribable love for us. That someone loved us sooo much that centuries ago, sometime around this year, He sent His only Son to Earth. His ONLY Son… Emmanuel…Jesus Christ.

Emmanuel means “God with us”. That is all I want for Christmas, Emmanuel and my boys. The comfort and peace in knowing that God is always with us. No matter how challenging or inconvenient this season may be for us (both spoken and unspoken), God is with us. He’s with my family. He’s in my heart. He’s in our home. He’ll be with us for Christmas day.

I’m going to stay encouraged, even though sometimes it’s hard. But, life could be a lot harder and worse. I actually still have life in my body to write this post. That’s enough to be encouraged. Our story, my story, the huge testimony of how all of this ends up playing out, is still being written. And I know for my household once it all unfolds, it’ll be picture perfect for us, and we will be so amazed and so happy. He’s got us covered and I’m thankful… we’re so blessed.

May you find JOY in even the simplest ways and may you feel much LOVE and PEACE this Christmas!

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