Tips & Tricks for Treating Diaper Rash

This week found us battling a horrible case of diaper yeast rash. Poor Jess! Painful for her, and painful for us to see her hurt. We followed Doctors’ orders and some parental common sense. Thankfully by the end of the week it had cleared and her skin had repaired itself.

While I didn’t plan to share with the world what was going on, I did want to share two new products we were trying out. That’s me, I find something new and good and I have to share about it. I just have to.

So I shared on my social media accounts. And along came an overwhelming response of diaper rash tips and tricks. Some I have heard of and others I hadn’t. So, I decided to collect and share all of those tips! Because, again…that’s what I love to do!

Below you will find a list of remedies that are tested, tried, true and mother approved! Now keep in mind, a diaper rash and yeast rash could be caused by a few things. Infrequent diaper changes, allergies, tight diapers, illness, dehydration, irritation from materials in a diaper, etc. So be mindful of what you’re dealing with and what treatment would be most appropriate for your little.

Ok, enough of all that. Let’s get to these remedies!!

Tips & Tricks for Treating Diaper Rash

Honest Company Healing Balm – $12 a tube but it’s miracle working. I started using it with my daughter and she only ever got a diaper rash one time. You can get it at Target. – Abigail

Preventive Care – We use Water Wipes and love them. We’ve never had a rash so not sure if it’s because of them or not, but I change my son’s diaper religiously… about every 2-3 hours. Then, an ointment. It’s either coconut oil, CJ’s BUTTer, Butt Paste, or nothing (more often nothing). At least once a day, gets changed by washing his behind over the sink and with a washcloth. – Xoremidi

Calmoseptine – I use Calmoseptine for butt rash. You have to order through the pharmacy. It’s great, gone in a day or two. – Misty

Oatmeal Baths / A&D Ointment – Air out is the best, but we also do oatmeal baths. You can get Aveeno brand just about anywhere. Then we use the A&D Ointment while he’s in diaper. Old school methods that definitely work. – Heather

Happy Heiny Butt Paste – Ask the Doctor for it, it’s a prescription. It worked wonders for my son when he would get rashes from his tube feedings. – Amanda

You can make this yourself at home. They taught us in the NICU with our daughter. It’s equal parts anti-fungal (Monistat, Lotriman, or Nystatin), anti-itch (Hydrocortisone), and Desitin. Mix them with enough Maalox to form a paste – Melanie

Homemade Wipes – Consider homemade cloth wipes or paper towel wipes. We cloth diaper but I’ve gone with both. A warm washcloth is oh so comforting! – Judith

Paper Towel Wipes – We made wipes from paper towels, water, and a little baby soap and sent them in an old wipes container. – Melanie

Cornstarch / Seventh Generation Diapers – The only thing that works for my boy. Also, I recommend cold water not warm for the homemade wipes, because warm will feed the bacteria that is causing the rash. – Melissa

BioK / Arrowroot / Coconut Oil – There are a few reasons for babies to get diaper rash. The main reasons are allergies, dehydration, or yeast. Yeast overgrowth can be the original cause, but it can also occur after the rash appears. I would get some “BioK”. It’s a very active Probiotic that you can get at most health food stores. I would give small amounts ½ tsp., orally to your little and apply directly, a few times daily to his tush. I like straight Arrowroot powder. You can sprinkle that on after the BioK dries, if you like to use powder, or make a thin paste using both ingredients. Organic virgin Coconut oil has many healing properties and acts as a moisture barrier. – Lori

Grapefruit Seed Extract – The extract will help keep yeast at bay, which can complicate a yucky diaper rash. – Lauren

Go Diaper Free – I’d suggest going diaper free when you can at home. Perhaps when you know they’ve already gone. Even shorts and no diaper outside for a bit. Anything we had a rash that was my go-to. Just letting it air out as best and often as possible. Even just diaper free for 5-10 minutes after each diaper change. – Sherria

Oatmeal Baths – Oatmeal baths are a lifesaver for super irritated rash. Ground a cup of oatmeal and just pour it in the tub, it’s a natural healer and works miracles! – Chelsea

Lotramin- You can use Lotramin on their bum to get rid of the rash/yeast until it heals enough to put a barrier cream/balm on there. I’d start with the Lotramin as soon as you can otherwise it gets bad real quick. It saved us a few times post-antibiotics from ear infections which usually resulted in these types of diaper rashes. – Jaime

Nystatin / Baking Soda Bath- For this yeast rash, we used prescription Nystatin (Anti-fungal ointment) twice a day (AM/PM), let him air out in the evening after school. With every diaper change at school they used the Honest Company Healing Balm. We started using the Water Wipes, however that broke him out on his bum and his face! So we went back to using Sensitive wipes from Sam’s Club and occasionally used wet paper towels to clean him up. We also switched him to the Seventh Generation Diapers (hypoallergenic, fragrance, and free of chlorine processing). The Nurse Practitioner recommended adding Baking Soda to his bath water, it helps to neutralize the acids in urine and stool. I’m a believer of baking soda baths! – Desiraé

Thanks again to all of these amazing Mom’s for sharing their tips and tricks for preventing and treating diaper rash! Who knew there were so many ways? Be mindful in your home diagnosis and use common sense. If a method isn’t working, and doesn’t seem to make improvement in a couple of days, you may want to consult with a medical professional. There’s no shame in that, and you’re not less of a parent for not knowing exactly every little detail of what’s going wrong with your child. I’d rather have a second opinion any day. I’m not afraid to be THAT mom… better to be safe than sorry.

If you have any of your own remedies that have been tried and true to you, please share them in the comments below!

Happy Bummies = Happy Mommies!

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