Outdoor Florida Boudoir

Hey everyone, I’m Sandy Divine and I’m so excited to tell you all about my recent adventure! It was a magical photo shoot at the stunning Ichetucknee Springs State Park here in Florida, a place that truly captures the beauty of nature in its purest form. My photographer for the day was the incredibly talented Michael Jones from Sin Boudoir. Let me tell you, he has a special talent for turning every shot into a captivating piece of art!

I’ve had my fair share of photo shoots in the past, but this one was truly unique! The theme was outdoor boudoir photography and Ichetucknee Springs State Park served as the perfect backdrop. Its unspoiled beauty and peaceful ambiance provided an exquisite setting for our vintage style photoshoot.

As soon as we arrived at this breathtaking state park, we were surrounded by nature’s grandeur. The soft sunlight peeking through the dense tree branches, the clear springs mirroring the vibrant blue skies and the tranquil sounds of wildlife echoing in the background…it felt like stepping into a dream!

And let me tell you about Michael Jones – his artistic vision is unmatched! He possesses a remarkable talent for blending the intimacy of boudoir photography with the grandeur of nature, crafting images that are both personal and breathtaking. His sharp attention to detail and ability to capture the perfect lighting made each shot truly extraordinary.

As we hiked deeper into the park, each spot we discovered brought a new level of excitement to our photo session. We utilized tall trees as natural frames, moss covered rocks as rustic props and the glistening spring water as a reflective surface. Every snap of Michael’s camera unfolded a fresh tale and I was thrilled to play a role in this captivating story.

What truly impressed me was how seamlessly Michael merged the pinup aesthetic with outdoor boudoir photography. The resulting pictures were a mesmerizing blend of vintage charm and contemporary allure, all set against the stunning backdrop of Ichetucknee Springs State Park. It was an entirely unique fusion of styles that left me in awe.

In essence, this modeling session was an invigorating experience that will remain etched in my memory forever. The excitement of posing amidst such natural beauty, the innovation behind the outdoor boudoir concept and Michael Jones sheer brilliance made this photoshoot an unforgettable journey.

I trust you find these pictures as delightful as I did while being involved in this fantastic project! Here’s to numerous more awe inspiring photo sessions in the days ahead!

And a special thanks to makeup artist Melissa Velazquez. She did an amazing job giving me different hairstyle looks, as well as maintaining my makeup until it finally had to be removed.

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