Making Marriage Work

Hello there! I’m Sidney Divine, a life coach and mom blogger. I absolutely love helping people navigate the challenges and joys of life. Today, I’ll share some insights on making marriages work, based on extensive research and real-life experiences.


To begin with, let’s recognize that marriage is not a walk in the park. It requires effort, commitment, and understanding from both parties involved. In this context, the term ‘work’ symbolizes the consistent effort needed to maintain a healthy relationship.

The Concept of Marriage as Work

The concept of marriage as work became prominent in the 20th century. This era witnessed a rapid increase in divorce rates, which led to a general anxiety about the stability of marriages. This fear drove people to seek professional and popular advice to bolster their relationships.

The Evolution of Marriage

Over the years, the idea of marriage has evolved significantly. During the early 20th century, marriages were often arranged, and divorce was relatively rare. However, with the advent of World War I, the divorce rate escalated, triggering a wave of concern about the sanctity of marriage. This led to the emergence of the concept of marriage as work, which suggests that a successful marriage requires constant effort from both parties.

The Role of Professional Advice

The rising anxiety about marriage stability led many couples to seek advice. This advice ranged from professional counseling to popular self-help books. Over time, this advice has helped shape our collective consciousness about marriage, emphasizing that it requires work and dedication.

The Impact of Divorce

Divorce can have far-reaching effects, both on the individuals involved and society at large. It often leads to emotional distress, financial instability, and even societal judgment. These factors contribute to the deep-seated fear of marriage breakdown, highlighting the need for couples to work on their relationships.

The Art of Strengthening Relationships

Strengthening a relationship requires consistent effort. This might involve regular communication, understanding your partner’s needs, resolving conflicts in a healthy manner, and maintaining a balance of power. As a life coach, I often emphasize the importance of these factors in making a marriage work.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in making a marriage work. It involves understanding your own emotions, empathizing with your partner’s feelings, and using this understanding to guide your actions. A high level of emotional intelligence can lead to a more harmonious and lasting relationship.

The Sociological Impact of Marriage

Marriage has a significant sociological impact. It influences societal structures, norms, and expectations. The concept of marriage as work reflects societal beliefs about the roles and responsibilities of married individuals.

The Persistence of Gender Imbalance

Despite societal progress, gender imbalance persists in many marriages. This imbalance often places the burden of maintaining the relationship on women. As a society, it’s crucial that we recognize and address this issue to make marriages work.

The Role of Love and Labor in Marriage

Marriage is a blend of love and labor. Love brings two people together, while labor helps keep them together. Consistent effort is required to nurture love, manage conflicts, and fulfill responsibilities.

The Influence of Social History on Marriage

Social history greatly influences our perceptions of marriage. The idea that marriages can be saved through hard work has deep roots in societal beliefs. Understanding this history can provide valuable insights into making marriages work.


Making a marriage work is a journey, not a destination. It requires continuous effort, emotional intelligence, and a strong commitment to the relationship. As we navigate through this journey, let’s remember to celebrate the small victories, learn from our mistakes, and cherish the love we share.

That’s all from my side for now. If you have any questions or need further advice, feel free to reach out. Remember, making a marriage work is a team effort – you’re not in this alone!

Stay connected, stay loved.

Sidney Divine

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